This keepsake box received 1st place in the 1999 L.A. County Fair and now has a place of honor at a family friend's house.


This arbor is made of red oak and accepts a 4" pot. It is 1' high, and 8" wide.


This box was a suggestion by a dental hygienists and is intended to store childrens baby teeth that the tooth fairy collects but has no room to store. It is made from red oak with the dimensions of 2" high, 5" long and 3 1/2" wide.



Elliptical box


This Mitosis box is named after the cell splitting process in cell biology. It is made from oak, walnut and lacewood.


Oscillating Ascension box


Batman box


Butterfly box


This Victorian Display Stand can be placed on a wall or positioned on a corner table.


These clowns are holding up two elephants. The box is made of walnut and the clowns are made of red oak with inlays of vermillion, wenge and zebrawood. The box took the blue ribbon in boxes over 14 in. in the L.A. County Fair for 2000.


The three tiered flower vase was made by me but decorated by my better half, Brenda.


This basket was created to hold fruit in out house.


My mother-in-law has filled this bandsaw box tree with some of her treasures .


Posey Basket.