This ducky is a real quack up and is owned by many children and adults alike. The body is ash and the feet and lips are African Padauk.


Yabba-Dabba-Doo. Dino is hanging with his friends. This dinosaur is made from Lacewood and opens up to store all his friends and toys.


I first made this rocking elephant for my niece, Breanna, over 30 years ago. Since that time I have made about 6 and have donated them to various charities or given them to friends. It is 20H X 30L X 12W and will last through generations.


Mouseola - Part Crayon and Part Mouse.


Noah has his wife by his side along with the ark and 21 pairs of animals, each a different wood.


This Forest Scene has some of your favorites; Deer, Bears, Wolves and even a skunk with her baby.


Pteranodon & Apatosaurus.


Camarasaurus & Hypacrosaurus.


T-Rex & Dimetrodon.


Mamenchisaurus & Velociraptor.


Triceratop & Spinosaurus.


Woolly Mammoth & Baby.


Saber Tooth Tiger & Andrewsarchus.


A Dinosaur Diorama to be enjoyed by kids for years. It includes a cave, a cave man and cave woman along with many creatures that lived during that era.


This is a Victorian Doll Chair made from red oak and a vermillion inset for the chair back.


This is a Victorian Doll Bench made from red oak and a vermillion inset for the chair back.


I made one of these Woody Wagon's for my Grandfather and liked it so much that I made one for the fair competition. It will be one of the few pieces that I will keep for myself.




Race Car


Series of Fat Fender Fords.


This Hillbilly Hot Rod is made of yellow heart, purple heart, cherry, lacewood, oak and wenge.


This Forklift toy is doing what it is made for; Lifting a fork.


Kids can really dig and dig with this excavator.


This motorcycle is one of the toys my friends grandson, Wyatt, is playing with.


This is another version of Noah's Ark.


Animal Buddies on Wheels.


Dino's on Wheels